The HOMAG Aviation Group

HOMAC Aviation Group

HOMAC Aviation Group

The Homac Aviation group, with its head office in Zurich (Switzerland) is a dynamic enterprise with three main business units.

Aircraft Management

We provide Corporate Aircraft Operators and Aircraft Owners with all our expertise gained from the Aircraft management sector.
This includes acquisition, operation, insurance and maintenance as well as provision of crew and marketing sales of the surplus
availability of the Aircraft.

Executive Charter

As an established Commercial Executive Aircraft operator, we provide a top level of services comfort to make your flight a
rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Save time and enjoy the highest standard of safety and quality onboard our modern fleet. Book a flight with us; we have the
right offer for you!


Our EASA 145 approved maintenance center offers you an extensive range of technical and engineering services.

We plan and tailor the maintenance requirements of your aircraft in accordance with the manufacturer’s and EASA requirements
including the provision of the mandatory CAMO+ service.

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We will keep your Aircraft flying!

In case you own or operate a commuter, Corporate Aircraft or a business jet and you would like to integrate the Aircraft under management.

We are the right partner for you.

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