Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management

Whether you own or intend to buy a Commuter, Corporate or Private Jet Aircraft;

We are the right partner to assist you all the way.

Homac Aviation has the infrastructure to take care of all your Aircraft operational requirements: from maintenance, insurance and mandatory inspections.
We manage and train the required Aircrew and technical staff.
We perform your flight planning, arrange for the landing clearance, fueling and handling of the aircraft,
including marketing and sales of the surplus availability of the Aircraft.

Whether optimizing your aircraft ownership and tax structures, cost accounting or planning of your flight, we handle all your requirements in accordance with the JAP-OPS 1 and EASA regulations controlled by an intensive Quality Assurance Program

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We will keep your Aircraft flying!

In case you own or operate a commuter, Corporate Aircraft or a business jet and you would like to integrate the Aircraft under management.

We are the right partner for you.

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